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Still Spirits Air Still + Special Offer Pack

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This still spirits air still can be used to purify water and can also be used for the distillation of alcohol.

Capable of distilling alcohol at 60% ABV..



This still spirits air still can be used to purify water and also the use for the use of distillation.

Capable of distilling alcohol at 60% ABV.. 

We would however advise that this may be illegal in some countries unless you have a licence to produce alcohol.

Click here to view uk disclaimer  

 *Special Offer Order and receive OVER £10 of free items*

1x Classic Flavouring which May include a Whisky, Brandy, Rum Or Gin.

1x Triple Distilled Yeast + Turbo carbon

1x Turbo Clear

1x Distiller's conditioner

1x Boil enhancers

( You will need a Spirit Hydrometer which is NOT included )

Customer Reviews

An awesome piece of homebrew kit. Review by Andrew

Probably the single best piece of homebrew equipment I have ever bought.

So simple to use and produces a great product every time.

It's quiet, nice looking and simple. Very well made and reliable. I have made over 100 litres of various products with it and as long as your 'wash' is made with care and attention it can't fail to be a success.

Buy it, you will not regret it.

(Posted on 13/03/2016)
Very impressed Review by daveyboy

Very impressed i got one from here a few weeks ago & it was really easy to use. i use it all the time what a great product ......thank you (Posted on 01/09/2012)

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