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The Bulldog Brewer

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The Bulldog Brewer - first ever affordable all in one complete grain brewing system for home beermaking. Everyone can now become a master beer brewer without any previous skills ! latest version



This is the latest version of the Bulldog Brewer, with the sparging plate, enhanced pump and extended timing on the unit up to 1hr 39 mins.


Start with crushed grain, then mash, lauter, sparge, boil and cool, all in the one high quality stainless steel unit. Gain full control over your brewing, from ingredients through to the final beer of any type or style. The options are limitless and the world is your pint !


The Bulldog Brewer has automatic temperature control. Simply set your mashing temperature and rest time. Leave the Brewer to sort out the mashing for the set time while the pump slowly circulates the wort.


After mashing, lautering (draining) is easy. Just lift up the inner malt pipe (the inner bucket with straining bottom) and fix it in the top position and let the wort drain into the main brewer.


Use pre-heated water to rinse out the last goodies from the malt, by slowly pouring the water over the sparge plate over the malt bed, with malt pipe in the top position.


Clean out the malt pipe from the used malt, put it back and add hops. Set time and boil. Simple as that!


Finally, use the spiral wort chiller to rapidly cool your wort down to fermentation temperature, transfer to fermenter, pitch the yeast and that is it!


Bulldog Brewer features

• Sparge Plate
• Superior quality 304 grade stainless steel construction
• Stainless steel lid
• Heavy duty handles for lifting even when full
• Silicone tubing for all liquid transport
• Stainless steel ball valve outlet
• Stainless steel Bazooka filter
• Brushless 6W circulation pump
• Full size malt basket for large grain bills (9 kgs max)
• Step mashing (manual)
• Stainless steel malt basket with heavy duty fine bottom mesh
• Concealed electric elements for easy cleaning
• Precise electronic temperature control via display, +/- 1°C
• Running time set via display
• Capacity (brewer) 30L (malt basket) 26L, finished beer 25L
• 2.5kW heating elements, power can be adjusted via display
• Full independent control of power, temperature and time, all via display
• Stainless steel spiral wort chiller
• Temperature monitoring with display during cool
• Automatic overtemp cutout and overheat protection for max safety
• 12 months warranty


Part 1

Part 2 Full Mash Demo

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