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  • Bulldog Brewer


    The bulldog brewer

    It is a excellent piece of brewing equipment Cheaper than other brands . We have done quite a few brews in it so far. its very easy to use. If your new to brewing and want to take the next step in craft brewing beers at home then this is the kit for you.

    bulldog-brewerBulldog Brewer features
    • Superior quality 304 grade stainless steel construction
    • Stainless steel lid
    • Sparge Plate
    • Heavy duty handles for lifting even when full
    • Silicone tubing for all liquid transport
    • Stainless steel ball valve outlet
    • Stainless steel Bazooka filter
    • Brushless 6W circulation pump
    • Full size malt basket for large grain bills (9 kgs max)
    • Step mashing (manual)
    • Stainless steel malt basket with heavy duty fine bottom mesh
    • Concealed electric elements for easy cleaning
    • Precise electronic temperature control via display, +/- 1°C
    • Running time set via display
    • Capacity (brewer) 30L (malt basket) 26L, finished beer 25L
    • 2.5kW heating elements, power can be adjusted via display
    • Full independent control of power, temperature and time, all via display
    • Stainless steel spiral wort chiller
    • Temperature monitoring with display during cool
    • Automatic overtemp cutout and overheat protection for max safety.


    Start with crushed grain, then mash, lauter, sparge, boil and cool, all in the one high quality stainless steel unit. Gain full control over your brewing, from ingredients through to the final beer of any type or style. The options are limitless and the world is your pint !


    The Bulldog Brewer has automatic temperature control. Simply set your mashing temperature and rest time. Leave the Brewer to sort out the mashing for the set time while the pump slowly circulates the wort.


    After mashing, lautering (draining) is easy. Just lift up the inner malt pipe (the inner bucket with straining bottom) and fix it in the top position and let the wort drain into the main brewer.


    Use pre-heated water to rinse out the last goodies from the malt, by slowly pouring water over the sparge plate over the malt bed, still with malt pipe in top position. Or buy the Bulldog Sparger (arriving soon) which does the pre-heating for you.


    Clean out the malt pipe from the used malt, put it back and add hops. Set time and boil. Simple as that!


    Finally, use the spiral wort chiller to rapidly cool your wort down to fermentation temperature, transfer to fermenter, pitch the yeast and that is it!


    Buy Yours Here


    Part 1


    Part 2 Full Mash Demo


    Quick Look @ The Bulldog Brewer


  • Elderflower Cordial


    2lb of sugar
    30g of citric acid  (or 6tsp)
    1 lemon
    15 elderflower heads  (washed and drained)
    1 reusable staining bag
    1 small funnel
    1 X 2 gallon bucket and lid
    Pet bottles


    Put the sugar in a medium sized bucket with a lid, add 1 pint of boiling water. Stir until dissolved then add the citric acid
    Grate the lemon and add the peel rind to the bowl. Slice the lemon and add the slices, shake the elderflower heads and wash and drain and add to the bowl.

    Cover and allow to stand for 12 hours.
    Strain of through either muslin or a straining bag, then pour through the funnel and fill the sterilised bottles. Store in a cool dark place never keep in the warmth as it could ferment and cause a lot of mess, once you open a bottle store the rest in the fridge.

    This drink will keep longer if frozen in plastic bottles but don't fill right to the top as it will expand, ice cube trays are also ideal. You can mix the cordial with a lot of different things like :-

    sparkling water
    still water

    you can also make cocktails with it and also jelly. An ideal summers day drink is elderflower cordial, sparkling water or champagne 1 slice of lemon and a sprig of fresh mint. You can also use it a s a syrup to pour over ice cream.

    Download Recipe Here


  • Broken By Homebrew in Doncaster (Credits to CAMRGB)

    This blog article was originally written by Simon Williams in September of 2011 for The Campaign For Really Good Beer (CAMRGB). It really shows what can be achieved with Home Brewing and that's why we asked if we could re post it on our own Blog, Many thanks to CAMRGB.

    Yesterday I travelled up to Yorkshire.

    It was supposed to be a mix of business and pleasure.
    I had to discuss artwork and promotion for my friend and fellow band member’s new solo album, I wanted to talk with him about CAMRGB and get his thoughts on how to progress and I felt I should be trying the beer he’s making in his tiny micro-brewery in his outbuildings.

    IMG_0712-300x300I arrived late afternoon in glorious sunshine and was met at the door by a man holding a bottle of home brewed stout.
    The beer was delicious.
    Slightly chilled, it had a lovely round chocolate rich malt and a nice spike of hops at the end.
    We caught up on news and had a second bottle.
    After being shown around the vegetable patches we talked a little about The Campaign For Really Good Beer and came to some conclusions about how I should go about administrating this ever growing beast.
    All the while I watched my comrade prepare a delicious curry for that evening.

    IMG_0717-300x300After the food was prepared we popped out to the local pub.
    Situated approximately 50 yards from my friend’s front door, The Ivanhoe is a Samuel Smith’s public house.
    It’s enormous and sprawling and sadly has been a little neglected, but I’m told the new Landlord has plans to renovate.

    We sat in the conservatory and watched Yorkshire Cricket.
    Yorkshire cricket is predominantly played in the rain.

    We enjoyed a couple of pints too.
    The first was a Samuel Smith’s Cask Bitter (4%) – Rich and creamy, with a satisfying fruity body and a little citrus twist, it didn’t last long.
    And it cost £1.59.

    IMG_0718-300x300We followed the Cask with a pint of “Taddy” Lager (4.5%).
    Initially it seemed a little over-carbonated but as the bubbles died down we agreed it had the depth of a decent golden ale whilst retaining a lovely crisp lemon zest bite.

    After this we popped back home to eat.
    With our curry we enjoyed a home brewed brown ale.
    This was a deep red, full of plum and toffee and lots and lots of lovely lively hops.


    IMG_0721-300x300The food finished we opened a couple of beers I had taken up for my friend to try.
    The first was a Brouwerij De Molen Vuur & Vlam (6.2%).
    Full of enormous green limes and pungent flowers, this beer did nothing more than convince me further of my love for the brewers at De Molen.
    We followed this with a rather hefty Vertigo “VF” (9.8%) by Hopshackle.
    This beer is a monster.
    It’s single hopped to and brewed to within an inch of its life and it makes for a huge, intense, bully of a beer.
    Thick and viscous and deeply fruity – It kicked like a sherry fuelled donkey.

    IMG_0729-300x300Finally we retired to the outbuildings and I was first given a tour of the brewery.
    We tasted delicious dark malts and stuck our faces in bags of hops.
    While we did this we drank a bottle of Revolutions Brewing’s Sarandon’s Age Of Reason (4.5%).
    This beer was created by the men at Revolutions to celebrate my band’s last album (and yes, it predates Elbow’s beer pop pickers).
    AoR is a lovely IPA with toffee and raisin backbone and a head-full of hoppy madness.

    IMG_0732-300x300We drank this listening to my comrade’s new album and discussed plans for how it should look and how it’ll be promoted.

    Eventually we ran out of steam.
    And beer.
    And retired to bed.
    Separately of course.

    This morning after a belly full of coffee and a delicious sandwich made with local bacon I made the drive home.

    A lovely weekend full of ideas and music and politics and laughter and REALLY GOOD BEER.

  • Sloe Gin Recipe


    Sloe gin is very easy to make - sloes are the fruit of the blackthorn bush, and you'll often find them making up part of a hedgerow, or growing near the edge of a field. Blackthorn can also be found in towns, and is often planted in parks, some public footpaths will have at least one sloe bush on its route. It is advisable to wear gloves when collecting sloe berries as blackthorn bushes have sharp thorns.

    The blackthorn bush grows to between 3 and 13 feet tall. In the spring the bush displays a froth of white flowers. Although the fruits look purple and delicious in late summer, they're not ready yet. You really need to pick them after a frost, which gives them time to ripen, softens their astringency and makes them easier to prick. They are usually ripe from September time.


    You will need :

    450g ripe sloes or 500g of dried sloes

    225g caster sugar

    1 litre bottle of gin



    1. Prick the tough skin of the sloes all over with a clean needle or sharp fork and place in a large sterilized jar.

    2. Add the sugar and gin, seal tightly and shake well.

    3. Store in a cool, dark cupboard and shake every other day for a week. Then shake once a week for two months.

    4. When ready, strain the liquid through a sieve and place in clean bottles.

    5. The sloe gin will now be a beautiful dark red and ready to drink, although it will still improve with keeping.


  • Home Brew Grimsby Video Channel

    We have just started a youtube video channel for the web site which over time we will add product videos & how to's heres a link to a little video tour around our shop.  YouTube channel


  • Festival Summer Glory Golden Ale

    Festival Summer Glory Golden Ale Is a ltd edition premium beer kit now in stock until stocks last.

    It is a Light copper ale, with off-white head Fresh floral character with subtle hints of zesty citrus fruits with Wonderful and vibrant floral notes with citrus overtones, with a perfectly balanced dry- bitter finish.

    Each kit contains only the finest quality ingredients and easy to follow step-by-step instructions makes 40 pints Approx abv 5.0% with the addition of Hops Crystal ,Cascade & also the addition of dried elderflowers.

    Festival Summer Glory Golden Ale

  • Chemipro OXI 1KG ( No Rinse Steriliser )


    Chemipro OXI intended for cleaning and sterilising all Home brewing equipment in an effective and environmentally friendly manner with no rinsing required! Chemipro OXI cleans and disinfects by means of active oxygen. Mix 4 grams into 1 litre of water.

    Soak for for 15 minutes and allow to drain. Vessels should be turned upside down if possible and left until dry.
    Chemipro OXI is also a very effective cleaner of kitchen equipment such as deep fat fryers, baking trays etc.
    For this purpose, contact time should be increased to several hours. Burnt fat etc. just lifts off.

    Get yours here





  • Lime Cordial

    lime cordial

    Here is how to make Lime cordial and what you need You will need.

    12 limes

    400g of granulated sugar

    400ml water

    2 tsp citric acid

    makes around 900ml of cordial

    You will first need to zest the limes (if you dont have a tool to do this you can use the rough side of a grater but be careful you dont get your fingers),with the zest add all the sugar and the water,gently heat so the sugar can dissolve,now bring to the boil,remove from the heat and leave to cool for 1 hour,now you can squeeze the lies and add the juice. Now add the citric acid (just remember this is very strong so only use level teaspoons).Your drink is now ready.

    Serving ideas :- add soda or sparkling water,or sparkling elderflower,or maybe a drop of gin would go nice.

    dilute with sparkling water or lemonade and add plenty of ice and fresh mint.

    If you have tried this with any other mixer we would love to hear it.


  • Rhubarb Cordial


    Here is how to make Rhubarb cordial and what you need.

    2kg Rhubarb stems

    2 Large oranges

    8 - 10 Star anise

    1.2kg of granulated sugar

    Citric acid (optional)

    Roughly chop the rhubarb in to a large pan pour in 1.5 litres of cold water,try not to add anymore than this as this will make the flavour of the cordial weaker.Cut 4 or more strips of peel of each one of the oranges,add these to the pan and also the juice from both oranges also now add  the star anise.

    Bring the fruit up to a boil,then simmer until all the fruit is soft (it may look very mushy at this stage).Now allow the mixture to cool for at least 1 hour.

    Once cool pour the fruit in to either a jelly bag or straining bag this can be hung over a large bowl to allow the liquid to run for 24 hours or you can try pushing it through with your hands (this is messy and can take a while).

    Once you have collected all the liquid pour back in to the big pan and put on a low heat,you can now add the sugar at 600g - 800g at a time,do try with a spoon so you get the sweetness that you require,but remember you will be diluting this with water or other mixers.Stir until all the sugar you have added has dissolved.

    If you want to store the cordial for several months  then it is recommended to add 2 teaspoons of citric acid,this will give it a tart flavour but if you want a more sharper flavour then add the juice of 3 fresh lemons.If it is going to be drunk straight away then there is no need to add any of these.

    Serving suggestions :-

    dilute with sparkling water and add plenty of ice and fresh mint


    dilute and add a squeeze of lime juice with plenty of ice

    If you have tried this with any other mixer we would love to hear it.
    here is a pic of a bottle from what we made just recently we had ours with some lemonade.

    rhubarb cordial












  • Festival Razorback IPA New Homebrew Beer Kit


    We have just received delivery of the new homebrew beer kit from the festival range from Ritchie products which is called Razorback IPA it makes 40 pints of beer. This kit includes 3.6kg of malt and has an A.B.V of 5.7%.

    Look :  A pale straw color, with white head

    Taste : Bursting with big hop character, distinct flavors of pine needles and fruit punch, followed by a dry bitter Finnish

    Aroma : A beautiful fresh nectarine aroma with underlying tones of pine needles

    Hop Additions : simcoe,centennial,summit

    Get yours here


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